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Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Staff Access to Technology

Ali Fahem Neamah, Mohd Khanapi Abd Ghani, Abdul R. Al Walili


Now days, most of the services are deployed on cloud as well as computing infrastructure so that the higher degree of performance and accuracy can be achieved. The work presents the deep evaluation of the medical data with the cavernous usage patterns in the medical science for electronic health records. The cavernous data management related to assorted dimensions is now days getting huge fame because of the increasing needs of the values and the parameters in the specific domain. In case of medical sciences and health care, there is need to maintain the records of the patients so that the future values can be predicted and even to have the previous records related to that particular patient. In this paper, the technological aspects of the electronic health records is depicted with the diversified scenarios in different segments of medical sciences and the health care segments whereby there is need to integrate the higher degree of performance in the patient’s records and to have the predictions of the diseases. The presented approaches are   giving the better outcomes on the aspects of the patients’ health records and to have the values in the predictions based plots for the upcoming behavior of the patient.

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