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The Quest for Identities in the Muslim and Arabic Generations and Projections in English Novels

Fouad Abbas Ali


After the eleventh September strike in U.S. the image of Arab Muslim character has been outlined outlandishly by the western columnists who continue portraying them conversely. Thusly, speculation, orientalism, hybridity and partiality are weapons used by westerners to distort the image of Arab Muslim character. They portray them to be fear based oppressors, fundamentalists, radical and jihadist. As such, they continue portraying them equivalently to the past rough picture which is depicted by post pioneer writers who see the Arab and Muslim from their own one of a kind perspective. Curiously, the Arab writers endeavor to depict them fairly as they witness the events after the strike significantly affected the system. Along these lines, they endeavor to give a prompt message toward the west that the Arab and Muslim are abused and influenced by the ambush as the westerns themselves. Furthermore, they endeavor to show that the Arabs and Muslims are thinking about for congruity and present day life. Along these lines, they might want to be facilitated with made people in the Western countries, that they share adequately in western consistently life. In addition, Arabs writers delineate that westerners make a fair endeavor to shield the Arabs from accomplishing their region and to stop them driving their own countries unreservedly. Consequently, the West undertaking to join their power upon the Arab and Muslims through the many twisted pictures. In like way, I will make a sensible close examination of the depiction of the Arab Muslim character from both the Western and Arabic viewpoint. Consequently, I pick four books two of them formed by two American writers and two books created by two Arab writers to give sweeping clear specific picture of the Arab Muslims character after the attack. In this way, the image after the attack will be cleared up and enhanced anyway it had been distorted, deformed and ensnared as each bit of the inquiry reprimanding the other conversely in the midst of and after the ambush. Disregarding the way that various researchers deal with the referenced books, I will oversee them differently as I will analyze them from different focuses. Therefore, the work will investigate Orientalism, fanaticism, speculations, and hybridity in these referenced books to examine the image of Arab Muslim character after the eleventh September strike in America.

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