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Abrahamic Religions and their Effect in Formulating the Religious Discourses

Alaa Abdul-Hussein Muhammad Al-Kareem


The religion is considered one of the most important changeable factors in communities, it’s also one of the main factors in creation of civilizations, so every religious invitation has its followers who are believe in it and follow its right basis, the purpose and the effect of the true religion is to reform the community, in order to go in a method on an important functions in building and completing the community. There is a difference between talking about the religious sermon which calls for forgiveness with others who are different in religion and belief, and another speech which goes through "the basic doctrines of religion and weakened them in front of the common people under the name of renewal of religious sermon, that is the renewal which reached to this group in order to destruct the sermon with its basis. This invitation is supported by official and non-official religious organizations and non-specialized characters, that have nothing to do with heritage by criticism, but it aims at destroying in the name of the pretext of renewal and creation of religious discourse, so “this organization and these people promote to that we urgent need to religious reformation, they expressed as a call for change in the educational curriculums, media programmes and writings of magazines.

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