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The Effect of HathaYoga Selected Exercises on the Movement Performance Level of the Students of the Acting Department in the College of Fine Arts/ University of Babil

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abdul Ameer


This is a practical search paper aims at studying the effect of yoga exercises on the movement performance of the students of college of fine arts after discovering the importance of such exercises. These exercises provide the body and mind with activity and have many physical advantages that can be used in developing the performance skills of the drama student.

This paper consists of three chapters. The first is about the paper problem through answering the following question:

What are the advantages of using yoga exercises (relaxation, concentration) on developing the skills of the drama student from the physical and psychological side? Zero hypotheses are set for this aim. The importance of this paper is to reveal the advantages of using yoga exercises for the actor from the physical and psychological side. The searcher finds that there is a necessary need for this study because it's subject is new and developing. The paper aims at identifying the effect of the selected Hatha yoga exercises on the movement performance level (movement expression) for the students of acting branch, second grade, drama department, college of fine arts in University of Babil. The theoretical frame of this study is interested in studying yoga (as a concept and practice) and indicators are shown. The second chapter is about the procedures of the practical paper, search paper community, search sample, analysis methodology and making a test before and after. The third is about the results including the following:

1-    There are differences of statistical significance on a level of (0,05) between the marks of the pretest and posttest for the students of the control group. There is statistical significance on the average of the marks of the control group between the pretest and posttest. This shows the development of the movement performance of the control group students after training them due to the traditional way.

2-    Improving the creative performance level and the ability to do the art movement improvisation.

This chapter also includes the most important results, recommendations ,suggestions and references used by the searcher.

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