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Tourism Climate Index (TCI) in Iraq

Sattar Teref Razzaq, Dr.Malik Naser Abbood


Background: The climate is a natural resource, controlling the choice of eco-tourism destinations, The relationship between climate and tourism is very complex. Tourism scientists have tried to choose the right time for tourism, the most comfortable and appropriate for the climate, Therefore, this study was conducted to assess the conditions for the climatic comfort of tourists in Iraq.

Materials and methods: Using the Tourism Climate Index (TCI) The climatic data of the eight climate monitoring stations (50) for the period (1967-2016) except the Sulaymaniyah station from (1977) to (2016) were calculated. The (TCI) index for each station was calculated and the geographical distribution maps were prepared using the GIS program It provides an ideal approach to understanding this complexity as it is an important and useful tool for the tourism development. In this study, a revised version of the Tourism Climate Index (TCI) was used in Mizkovski (1985), It can be used to determine the appropriate climate for tourism in Iraq.

Result: The results showed that the months, (April, November, October, March, May, September, December) are the best climatic conditions for tourism activities in Iraq, the  Months (January, February, June, August, July) are not suitable for travel and tourism, the Temperatures are high, Most study areas have good and convenient travel and tourism months.

Conclusion: Through this study we can know what are the appropriate months for tourism in Iraq.

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