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Coastal Resource Management for Ecotourism of Koh Lipe Community, Satun Province, Thailand

Chadarat Boonchan, Buncha Somboonsuke, Sayan Sdoodee


Aims: The tourism development of  Koh Lipeh is a leap growth. Making use of coastal resources of the community and marine tourism are inseparable, as the people in the community have to rely on coastal resources for subsistence. This research is intended to study the dynamics and current situation of coastal resources management. Synthesize the factors affecting the management of coastal resources for ecotourism. Synthetic forms of coastal resource management for ecotourism. Material and methods: Using the mixed research method. (1)  The RRA (Rapid Rural Appraisal) (2) In-Depth interviews. These 2 sections use qualitative analysis by interpreting and creating a conclusion by the analytic induction. (3) The questionnaire was collected from village no.7 of Koh Lipe community to be used for analyzing quantitative data using descriptive statistics software. Results: Results show that (1) The dynamics of the community and the management of coastal resources can be divided into 4 periods according to the changes in the coastal resource utilization. (2) The factors affecting the management of coastal resources for Ecotourism at the high level are The value of coastal resources for ecotourism. (3) The management of coastal resources for ecotourism  can be categorized in 3 as follows: (1) Ecotourism tourism culture (2) Ecological tourism (3) Travel in special interests – travel. Conclusion: The management of coastal resources for Ecotourism in Koh Lipe community is not quite appropriate due to lack of supporting factors in many aspects that contribute to the exploitation of coastal resources appropriately to make government is fully aware of the importance of knowledge system of the community. The acceptance of the community in monitoring the use of resources through beliefs, traditions, and to ensure that the communities can use their wisdom in the management of coastal resources that are available. 

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