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The Effectiveness of Teaching With the Strategy of )5E’s in the Creative Thinking Skills for the Fourth Scientific Class Students in the Subject of Biology

Qasim Talib Shamran AL-Khuzaie, Abbas Fadhil Talib AL-Masood, Safaa Kamil Jaber AL-Bothamer


This research aims at identifying the effectiveness of teaching using the strategy of )5E's( in the skills of the creative thinking for the scientific fourth class students in the subject of Biology.

The researchers performed an experiment in the second term from the academic year (2017 – 2018) for eight weeks on the scientific fourth class students in the school

(Superiority Preparatory for Boys) which is subordinated to the Public Directorate for AlKadisea Education.  Two samples were selected randomly to represent Group (A) the experimental group which included (32) students who studied according to the strategy of )5E's(; and Group (B) to represent the Control Group which included (30) students who studied through the traditional method.  The two groups used the following variables: Ages, Intelligence, previous marks in biology, creative thinking skills test.  The researchers used the experimental design with partial control.  The internal variables were subordinated and one of the researchers studied the two research groups.  Having finished the experiment, the results were analyzed statistically using the second test for two independent samples.  The results showed the superiority of the experimental group students over the control group students in the creative thinking skills test.  In the light of the research results, the researchers recommended some recommendations including: using the strategy of )5E's( in teaching the biology subject for the fourth scientific class. 

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