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Mohammed Hashim Algburi,, Marwah Badr Zaya Yousif, Aya Adil Hasan


This research presenting job security ،end its Yule to improving the work of insurance companies . It is consider job security asauital function in all organizations which is exercise tha job security it be came not possible to indispensable or consider it as secondary actiuity , but it is be came necessary for all organizations which is in contact with the audience directly or indirect of the rapid derelop ments in all aspects of life . insurance companies hare importantly asks , end a huge border which is presenting by finding type of con for misty with the workers .

The researchers’ dependence is on the questionnaire which is made be the researcher for the research work ,end the personal inleruieuis with the work erto knowing the reality of the job security cause to higher productivity through its worh to increasing sales documents end marketing it in these companies job security presenting by the officer sense of reassurance end comfortable for the source of hic in come , end stability in work end that he is not become under work pressure.

there is some of recommendation that the in surance companies should in creasing productivity through it through the workers in these companies , end providing the job security for all officer to weke them feeling with reassurance for their in come end stability in work .

It  is essential to every company(especially an insurance company) in order to be succesful  with high productivity,  that all its employee  benefit  from the employment  security measures it implements and practices.On the other hand ,it can be said that in a case of a declined level of  such measures,the success and productivity of an insurance company  declines as well.The future of  the employees  and their  stability  depend highly on the active measures  of  employment security  performed by the company  which will also result self  satisfaction   to them. This itself will enable the company to benefit fully from the skills and abilities  of its employees who will fear no more of any future odds  which might face their lives This research is divided into five subsections:

1-The methodology of the research.
2-The  employment security  and the lack of it.

3-The aspect and  definition of insurance iuncluding the practice of the insurance company.

4-Studying and discussing  the analysis resulted  from  the practical test answers  as revealed by the sample personnles according to a questionnire.

5-The final conclusions and recommendations.

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