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Dry Sliding Wear behavior Of Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reinforced With Nickel and Copper Wires and powders

Edrees Edaan Ghadeer, Yahya Abdulkareem Salman, L.A. Rehab Joko Hussin


  This study investigates the effect of different ratios of reinforcing materials (Nickel and Copper wires and powders) on the tribological properties of unsaturated polyester resin .the wear rate were investigated according to (ASTM-D5963) using Pin on disk machine ,under different sliding conditions ,such as applied load and  sliding speed at room temperature . The weight loss rate per unit area was calculated  at load Change and velocity on the test samples prepared .

   The results showed that the increase in the weight fractions of the reinforcing materials led to reduced the wear rates when both load and sliding speed were changed. The nickel wires composite was recorded the lowest value of the wear rates reached to (0.0753*10-6 kg/m2) and (0.0845*10-6 kg/m2) when both load and sliding speed changed ,respectively, while  it,s powder composite showed the highest rates of sliding wear reached to(0.6831*10-6 kg/m2) and (0.8105*10-6 kg/m2) at the same conditions . As for the copper wires and it,s powder composite ,it revealed intermediate behavior ,but it was the better compared to nickel powder composite and un reinforcement base material .        

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