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Computer science teacher’s perception and needs towards E-learning in Iraq

Mustafa Radif, Nora Ahmed Mohammed


With the advent of technology, electronic learning (e-learning) has become a key aspect of distance learning, making it easier, faster and global. With e-learning, teachers have found it easy to deliver learning, while students have learned better. There have been several advances to e-learning as a resource for distance learning, with its major features being the use of electronic mediums to facilitate learning. This study is the first of its kind in Iraq aims to explore the instructional needs of teachers with regards to e-learning for computer science at secondary school level in Iraq. The study aims to identify the perceptions of secondary school teachers of computer science towards the use of e- learning methods and to also investigate the training needs of teachers for the use of e- learning for teaching of computer science in Iraq. Results indicated that e-learning resources available in the schools surveyed are not enough and the teachers are not making adequate use of e-learning resources. Also, while teachers were aware of the efficiency of e-learning for pedagogy, the schools do not have adequate support mechanisms in place. Teachers were also aware of the competitive edge e-learning offers them, but did not have adequate training to enable them to use it effectively. Therefore, authorities have to establish a training plan to get teachers conversant with technology. Such training should start with the basics of e-learning so that teachers with no knowledge of technology can be carried along.

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