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Black Barley Marketing Prices and Profitability vs. White from 2005 to 2015 in South-East Anatolia

1Ozberk F, Ozberk I, Bayhan M, Bilgiç C


This study aimed to assess the presence of various ratios of black and white hulled grains in barley grain lots and impacts on marketing price. The study was carried out in Sanlıurfa commodity market in the autumn of 2005
and in Sanlıurfa and Diyarbakir commodity markets in 2015. The seven barley grain samples were prepared [ 100% White (W), 10% Black (B) + 90% White (W), 20%B + 80%W, 30%B + 70%W, 40%B + 60%W, 50%B + 50%W and 100% Black] and presented to randomly selected five grain purchasers in all commodity markets and marketing price offers were scored. Increasing ratios of black-hulled barley reduced marketing price gradually in 2005. A 0.180 US$ kg-1 was offered to 100% white barley whereas only 0.168 US$ kg-1 for 100% black barley in Sanlıurfa. In 2015, these
were 0.337 US$ kg-1 for white and 0.365 US$ kg-1 for black in Sanliurfa and 0.334 US$ kg-1 for white and 0.352 US$ kg-1 for black in Diyarbakir. Regression equations obtained from final year data could be used for price estimates reliably with high coefficients of determinations. It was concluded that barley marketing prices traditionally in favor of white hulled turned out to be in favor of black type in a decade in south-east Anatolia. 

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