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The role of marketing mix in increased the market share Applied study in health sector in the city of babylon

DR. Al Genaibi Thamir Hadi


Health sector occupies a prominent position in the plans of economical and social development for both advanced and developing countries. This is because of the marketing mix role of the health sector in enhancing growth rates, encouraging competitions, and providing services to fulfill the needs of customers. The rapid changes were took place in the world represented by globalization , openness to others, removal of boundaries, organizational change, and the intense competition between health companies to take over markets and customers. These are real challenges for health organizations and for the administrators of these organizations. These challenges forced a new reality that needs to be dealt with, in order to avoid failure, potential risks, keep growing and achieve goals. All these made most organizations take care of the marketing mix and this eventually lead to increase market share. If we assumed the competitiveness of organization means about its ability to increase its market share and preserve it, the marketing mix will give the possibility for the institutions, and the decision makers to achieve the biggest market share. This study examines the relationship and the effect between marketing mix in affecting the market share in the health sector in Babylon governorate/ Iraq . A sample of administrators is chosen randomly for achieving the objectives of the study.
The most important findings of this study are the important role of marketing mix, and the importance of it in achieving the objectives of the health organization like having the biggest market share. 

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