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Otherness as a Post Colonialist Approach in Updike's Terrorist

Safaa Hussein Sagheer


The study explores on of the important terms in post- colonialism in one of Updike' works Terrorist which talks the image of Muslim and Arab in post- colonial era. The paper aims to shed light on how Arab- Muslim character viewed by the Westerners as other. The significant of the study tackles the reason beyond the vision of the colonized toward the colonized as other. The work is divided into four sections; section one is an introduction which gives an insight about Updike's Terrorist. The second section discusses the concept of Otherness as one of the ingredients of post- colonial  theory and clarify the reason behind its emergence. The third section analyzes Updike's Arab- Muslim characters and why they are viewed as other. Finally, section four is conclusion which recapitulates the three sections and ends up with recommendations for further researches.

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