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Applying TOPSIS and MSCGP Methods to Evaluate Factory Location by Feng-Shui

Kou-Huang Chen, Wei-Lung Huang, Chin-Nung Liao


The impact of Feng-Shui theory is an important issue, especially in China and the Asian countries, when deal with the factory location selection is that the Feng-Shui theory frequently plays a vital role in Chinease business. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to develop a conceptual Feng-Shui theory model that will provide a many environment factors and multiple objectives in location selection problems. This method integrates fuzzy technique for order preference by similarity to an ideal solution (TOPSIS), and multi-segment and multi-choice goal programming (MSCGP) and consideration Feng-Shui theory to obtain an appropriate factory location for Chinese business. This method will allows the decision maker (DM) to set Feng-Shui criteria and multiple aspiration goal levels to evaluation and selection a factory location. The advantage of this paper is that it takes both qualitative and quantitative criteria into Feng-Shui consideration on factory location selection problems to help the Chineses business or believe the impact of Feng-Shui theoty decision makers (DMs) to select the best factory location. The results fined that based on involvement quantitative measures in the best interest of the ABC firm, location  should be selected. The conclusion is integrated TOPSIS and MSCGP model can indeed solve the location’s selection problem by simultaneously considering qualitative and quantitative criteria, and also other import goals for DMs.

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