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The relationship between technological change and the future vision of senior management and its reflection on the professional development of human resources an analytical study at the General Company for the auto industry in Iraq

Naïf Ali Assi Alshammari, Bashar Abbas Alhimyari


This research aims to know the relationship between technological change in its dimensions (organizational readiness, new technology, modern methods and methods) and the future vision of senior management in its dimensions (future direction, wide acceptance, strategic thinking) and their impact on the professional development of human resources in its dimensions (training and education, technical skills and knowledge) At the General Company for the automobile industry. The research community was composed of all workers in this company. As for the research sample, it was a size of (140) workers. The research relied on the descriptive analytical method. Field data were collected through a questionnaire that was built and developed to measure the goals of the research and test its hypotheses and the data was analyzed using several statistical methods Through the ready statistical program (spss), the research concluded that there is an important impact of technological change and the future vision of senior management together in the professional development of human resources in the researched company.


technological change, future vision for senior management, professional development of human resources

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