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The Impact of Integration of The Requirements’ Contemporary Mural Painting With Architecture of The Nature in Daily Life of Iraq

Hamid Khudair Hussein, Ali Hadi Kazem, Talib Sultan Hamza


Perceptions have been changed about the arts, architecture, the characteristics of each other’s tasks in shaping of the city’s environment, therefore perceptions about the integration of the arts with architecture in new urban societies have changed too. The artists are interested in architectural designers to rehabilitate the urban environment visually through the development of the landscape in addition to their constant endeavor to emphasize the aesthetical, functional and formative value for the city’s environment, as well as to control the contradictions that can appear to hinder the creative mutual effects of the various elements that involved in shaping the city's environment aesthetically.

For that the unity of the mutual influence of the various creative energies will appear to lead to the emergence of drawn spaces and architectural buildings with a new and contemporary vision, in which utilitarian functional factors combine along with aesthetic technical factors that give the moral nature to the city's environment, also to form its total intellectual aesthetic body.


In light of this, the research consists of the methodological framework of the research, starting with the problem that revolves around several questions, the most important of which is: 1- What are the things that must be adhered in planning the integration of contemporary mural painting with architecture and its effects on developing the aesthetical taste of members of society in daily life in Iraq, also in the aesthetic formation of new urban societies?

The questions has allowed for the researchers to study the effect of integrating the requirements of mural painting with architecture in the city environment, seeing the experiences of some artists and architectural designers through several axes within the second chapter, which dealt with the theoretical framework for research, ending with the most important findings and recommendations.

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