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Fault Phase Identification for MVIM under Unbalanced Stator Voltage and Stator Winding Faults using RACE

Rajan Babu W, Ravichandran C. S


Industrial Automation of an industry can easily be achieved by incorporating the latest available technologies. Automation leads to increase in production with reliable and quality products. Production and process of an industry can be automated using suitable motors for its operations. Though many types of electro-mechanical energy conversion devices available, Induction motors takes the lead in occupying all the areas due to its almost unmatched performance and reliability. Thus Medium Voltage Induction Motors (MVIM) acts as the back bone for almost all industries. Failure occurring in these motors abruptly handicaps the entire system which ends in unnecessary down time and in turn huge revenue loss. Thus condition monitoring of these induction motors becomes a vital issue and a simple and efficient tool has to be designed to pre-determine the healthiness of these motors. Various condition monitoring techniques are available, In order to have an efficient method, this paper discusses a rigorous technique to monitor the condition of the motor using its stator current. The Stator Current of the induction motor is used to analyze the performance of the motor which helps to identify the healthiness of the motor. Unbalance voltage in the stator and Winding faults due to opening and short of inter-turns are analyzed using Rigorous Analysis of Current Envelope (RACE). A Fault phase identifier is incorporated in this system which uses the data obtained by RACE to identify the faulty phase. The results obtained using this method is more efficient and the fault phase is easily determined.

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