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Planimetric Error and Geolocation of a Virtual Reality

Fridhi A, Benzarti F, Amiri H


This paper presents a new approach for analyzing a combination of two virtualization techniques in practice. It also generates interactivity in a virtual world with different modes of interaction and locates our work environment with various types of geolocation and error planimetric. The interaction of the three dimensions 3D is considered as a motor component of any interactive system. This approach will introduce a revolutionary method that would increase the user’s pleasure and would him "feel" immersed in a split between the real and the virtual world. Since this approach is located all around our work environment, it has led us to draw more information about this new technology in order to identify the key tools and the used interaction methods, or to proceed with the configuration of a combination of a virtual tour and a virtual reality which is geolocated, calculated the planimetric error and based on our research.

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