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Jill Dolouse's Thesis and Representations in Conceptual Art

Tsawahun Tklyf Maged, Fatima Abdullah Omran, Dalal Hamza Mohammed


The importance of research is in the fact that Dolouse's thesis are penetrating concepts and a cognitive mechanism that departed from the cognitive patterns of philosophical and human thought, as the objective is no longer to reach a particular fact, or fixed foundations and criteria, so everything becomes subject to change, questioning, dispersion and difference. It also highlights the intellectual space it deals with that has its extensions in postmodern philosophy, particularly Dolouse's thesis. And the relays of these concepts and ideas to artistic, stylistic and technical applications, and their diversity, which is the thing that characterized post-modern arts, including conceptual art, and by this the research has acquired an intellectual, historical and artistic importance through which it can form a new knowledge addition. The objective of the current research sought to identify ( Jill Dulos' thesis and representations of conceptual art). The current research problem has arisen in an attempt to find out what Deleuze's thesis are. What are its mechanisms and how they were represented in conceptual art, through the achievements of artists for the period (1953-2019) in America and Europe. After analyzing three models of artists ’drawings that were deliberately selected, a number of conclusions emerged, the most prominent of which were: According to Duloz’s thesiss, including the rhizomes, a state of concern for self and humiliation of the human body emerged. Among the most prominent recommendations: - Openness of knowledge research to the incompatible concepts and ideas without underestimating some of them, such as the concepts of irrationality, nihilism, non-curriculum, dispersion, chaos, and others.


Thesis - Dolouse - Conceptual Art.

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