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Stopping Power of Electrons in Water and Glass

Wafaa N. Jassim, Ali N. Jassim


Background: In this research study for calculation of electronic stopping power of one type of light charge particle, which it is electrons with energy (0.01-100MeV) when they are travel in water and glass. Materials and methods: The electronic stopping power were calculated using ester program and also by do fitting on this results then we get a semi empirical equation and after that a comparison where made with the theoretical results of James E. Turner only for water and we draw. All equation programing and drawing by matlab language.  Results: The relationship between them on curve which have good agreement with all results of both track have shown. Conclusion: The stopping power of electrons take greatest values at low energy of electrons and at the high energies, elastic scattering arises gradually. However elastic scattering affects electron passage through resending of the electron paths, it does not contribute in the stopping power.


electron, Stopping power, Bethe, excitation.

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