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Structure of asymmetric multi-level inverters "Applications to photovoltaic systems"

Adel M. Dakhil


In order to improve the efficiency of the photovoltaic system (PV), in other words, to maximize the power delivered to the load connected to the terminals of the photovoltaic generator, several optimization methods have been applied, and techniques followed to obtain a good adaptation. And high efficiency. Among these means, improving the quality of the output voltage of the inverter by using multi-level "OMN" inverters. The structures based on multi-level inverters have brought an undeniable advantage to alternative continuous conversion, especially in high power applications. However, most photovoltaic systems carry low voltage loads. The aim of this article is to propose a general approach on asymmetric ‘OMNA’ multi-level inverters intended for low voltage applications (only two full-bridge cells). For these inverters, and to improve the output voltage, various modulation strategies have been developed, namely, vector modulation, or SVM (Space vector modulation)


Asymmetric multi-level inverter, Photovoltaic cell, Vector modulation, SVM.

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