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Comparison of PI Controller, Fuzzy controller and Practical Swam Optimization for Dual Three Phase Induction Motors Drives Control Based on Indirect Field Vector Oriented Method

Adel Manaa Dakhil, Rabee Hadi Hassain, Ali Kadhim Abdul Aubbas


To reduce the cost and the system complexity in power applications, voltage source five-leg modulation inverter of space vector pulse width (FLI) is designed to drive dual induction motors. This paper presents independent control of dual induction motor fed by five-leg inverter. The control conducted through Indirect field- is applied  separately by each motor. With three controllers; PI-controller; fuzzy controller; practical swarm optimization. Generation of the signal of  switching for FLI  a double  space vector pulse width modulator is utilized and a double zero-sequence modulation technique (DZS) is employed to generate the modulation signals. Finally, a comparison of three presented controller are carried out for the two motors operate under different operation condition was the result  that proved  that dual induction motor independently can be put under control of the  FLI with FLC.


Indirect Field Oriented Control, Five Leg Inverter, DZS, Dual IM, Practical swarm optimization

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