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The Impact of Inspirational leadership on Strategic Ambidexterity

Adil Abbas Abed, Ali Hussein Olaywi Alhilawy, Ahmed Kadim Bareas


This research seeks to determine the effect of inspirational leadership on achieving strategic ambidexterity. In order to achieve this two variables were adopted which are inspirational leadership as an independent variable was adopted based on (Poojomjit et al, 2018). Strategic ambidexterity dimensions (exploring opportunities, exploiting opportunities, structural ambidexterity) adopted according to (Simsek, 2009). The Iraqi National Olympic Committee was chosen as a field of research through a questionnaire that included (80) individuals from the research community. Using some descriptive statistics and correlation and regression analysis for the purpose of analysis of the study data.


Inspiration Leadership, Strategic Ambidexterity.

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