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The role of external control in improving the quality of accounting information for financial statements

Azdehar J. Mohammed AL-kuwair, Ahmed Mohsen Hassan Alshammari, Abdulmahdi Abdulhusein Idan


Information represents an obsession that leads all users of information because of the challenges it presents in choosing different economic decisions. Here comes the role of the quality of this information because it has evidence of the efficiency of its preparers. The research aims to study and analyze the availability of qualitative characteristics of information in the financial statements and the extent to which this is confirmed by external oversight in its reports Through an application on the Iraqi company for production and marketing of mixed agricultural products

The research also reached several conclusions, the most prominent of which was the lack of inclusion in the management report of the annual planning budgets that are appropriate for its activity and an indication of the implementation percentages for these budgets and the reasons for deviations. A number of recommendations were presented, the most important of which should be prepared by the financial statements, taking into consideration the culture of the users of the financial statements. Abbreviation and inclusivity and to be understood by them.

The qualitative characteristics of accounting information and its repercussions on the financial statements represent the characteristics that the accounting information should have in the financial statements in order to be the basic building block upon which to make decisions for beneficiaries. The information performs several functions, including the prediction function and the confirmation function in addition to adding the characteristic of honest representation to neutrality and freedom from error. The responsibility for preparing financial statements falls on the management of the company and is committed to achieving the best level of qualitative characteristics of accounting information and you should not prefer one feature over another as it may lead to a result Negative information, and here comes the role of financial supervision in ensuring the availability of qualitative characteristics of information for financial statements in the audit process, as the information users depend on the auditor to check on the continuation of the company's business and their taking of future decisions.


external control, quality of accounting information, financial statements

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