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Land Degradation is the Instinctive Source of Poverty in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Lingling Qiu, Mansoor Ahmed Koondhar, Weizhong Zeng, Yuying Liu


This review paper focused on demonstrating the correlation between land degradation and poverty through collecting and analyzing the existing relevant research. Pakistan is an agricultural country and agriculture is the backbone of  Pakistan`s economy. For the rapid growth of population food security should be under guarantee as well as the food production. In that farmers overused agrarian inputs, such as fertilizer, pesticide and water, environment and farmers were affected by contamination and disease increase respectively. Due to over-exploitation of fertilizer and irrigation, ground water was contaminated, soil fertility weakening, salinity increasing and water logged. Consequently, soil was hard to be cultivated. In Pakistan 70% of people live in rural areas who are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. As a result of land degradation farmers can not gain much benefit from agricultural activities and they are also unable to feed their children. Many of them became criminals, therefore, poverty deepened day after day. In order to alleviate poverty, Pakistani government should subsidize farmers on environmentally friendly inputs. Government should also open agricultural training schools to engage farmers in modern methods of cultivation, and provide modern technologies with subsidy rate. When the farmers are aware of how to increase the fertility of soil by employing modern methods, they can gain higher production, and obvious higher production is critical for living a better life and mitigating poverty. 

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