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Approach of Judge Sheikh Mahmoud Kaat al-Tanbakti in his Book (The History of the Fatash in the News of Countries, Armies, And The Great People, And Mention the Facts of the Takrour, The Great Things, and the Dispersal of the Descendants of the Free and the Slaves)

Fatima Salim Al-Tarawneh


Sheikh (Mahmoud Kaat) who died in (1002 Ah/1593) is one of the most prominent judges of the Maliki doctrine who dated western Sudan politically and socially. The aim of this study is to investigate the accomplishments of Sheikh Kaat via shedding light on his historical narration of the past occurrences at the time. Therefore, a historical approach based on studying his famous book (The History of the Fatash in the Mention of Kings, News of Armies and The Great People) alongside with some reliable historical sources and references were the cornerstone of this approach. The findings revealed the following: first, Sheikh Mahmoud Kaat's narrating approach helped in documenting political and economic occurrences of life at the time. This was done through narration, written scripts, and oral observations. Second, his records provided the first historical documented records on western Sudan which are available at the Arab and Islamic Library; giving researchers the opportunity to benefit from his book. Third, the researcher concluded by criticizing Kaat's style and approach in writing his book in that he extremely exaggerated in glorifying (Askia Haj Mohammed) during his rule (Sangay). 


Judge Sheikh Mahmoud Kaat, Askia (Askia), Western Sudan, Sangai, (History of The Fatash in The Mention of Kings, News of Armies and The Great People), Tanbeck, Land of Takrour

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The government's policy of "supporting the government of the people of The O'Hare" is a major concern for the government.

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