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The Impact of Public Economics to Public Debt: A Case of Southern African Development Countries (SADC)

Zamokuhle Mbandlwa


Public economics in the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) region apply the macroeconomic policies to stabilize the regional economy. There is a direct relationship between the public economy and public debt. The main aim of adopting the macroeconomic policies in the SADC region was to stabilize the inflation, sustain budget deficit, and minimize public debt and to have an equitable current account balance. The main purpose of conducting this study was to find the impact of public economics and public debts. There is a theoretical and practical gap on how to bridge a gap between the public economy and the public debt. The objectives of this paper were to examine the effectiveness of the SADC economic policies in achieving economic growth and sustainable development. The main objective of the SADC was to achieve economic growth and sustainable development so that people can have better economic opportunities. The secondary research methodology was used to reach conclusions on the impact of public economics and public debt. Journal articles, newspaper articles, conference papers, and online papers were used to analyze the impact of public economics and public debt. The economic regional integration was intended to include increased market size and improve regional trade and investment flow. Public economics has a direct link with the technological developments which has a direct impact on public debt. Public debts in the SADC region are affected by the decisions made by African leaders concerning the public economic policies. The overall economic development of countries in the SADC region is determined by public economic policies regarding the regional integration of the economy.


Public debt, Economy, Interest rate, Public spending, Globalization, Exploitation.

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