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Hybrid Firefly and Identity-Based Ring Signcryption Scheme Based Secure Data Aggregation for Clustered Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network

Kavitha R. J, Caroline B. E


Wireless Sensor Network consists of a large number of sensor nodes that are arbitrarily deployed in inaccessible areas where battery replacement or recharging is not possible. Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network (HWSN) encompasses with differentiated sensing ranges and computing power. One of the major factors that have to be taken into consideration in HWSN is the security of the network. The security issues such as data integrity, confidentiality, and freshness in data aggregation become crucial when the HWSN is deployed in a remote or hostile environment where sensors are susceptible to node failures. Hence, in recent decades, securing data aggregation in the HWSN has become one of the potential research areas. Clustering with Secure Data Aggregation based on Identity-based Ring Signcryption scheme (CSDA- IRS) has been proposed for securing data aggregation. At the beginning, cluster formation and cluster head selection has been processed with Hybrid Firefly algorithm based Harmony Search (HFHS) Algorithm. In second phase, secure data aggregation scheme is introduced for reducing the total length of cipher texts and to achieve end-to-end confidentiality. The proposed CSDA-IRS approach attains higher performance, robust security and prolonged existence while simulating, when compared with the existing Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) algorithms and Hybrid Transmission Technique with Security (HTTS). Experimental results on different methods suggest that the proposed CSDA-IRS perform better when compare to existing security algorithms for HWSN.

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