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Comparison of the Balance (dynamic∙ static), Muscular Strength (upper body∙ lower body), Self-esteem and Depression of the Male Elderly depending on using the Bicycle

Hyang Soo Kim, Hee Kyung Kim, Mi Hyeon Park


Aim : The purpose of this study was to compare the balance, muscle strength, self-esteem and depressing depending on whether or not they use the bicycle by utilizing the material of male elderly people, and would like to provide basic material for preparing the exercise program for improving health of male elderly people. Methods: This study is the secondary analytic study of analyzing material which used the material collected for the study<A Comparative Study on Cycling in Relation to the Physical Balance, Muscle Strength, Self-esteem and Depression of Elderly Women> of Kim et al.10 in 2015, Results: Elderly man using bikes had longer static balance and had shorter dynamic balance than elderly man not using bicycles. In addition, they had better lower body strength, higher self-esteem and lower depression. The bicycle group showed that the lower the upper body strength, the higher the depression, and non-users group showed the lower the higher the depression, the higher the depression. For predictable variable that effects on depression according to participation of bicycle, only self-esteem showed appeared to have rich effect on depression. Conclusion: I suggest the repetitive studies due to the condition of inadequate thesis paper related to bicycle exercise of the male elderly people. By applying other variable, I would like to suggest for constant researches that are examining the effect of bicycle to the male elderly by applying other variables.

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