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An Exploration of Information Communication technology (ICTs) in Agricultural Development: The experiences of rural Punjab-Pakistan

Tahir Munir Butt, Gao Qijie, Muhammad Zakaria Yousaf Hassan, Muhammad Luqman, Maria Khan, Xiayi Tian, Khalid Mehmood


This review study 2016 is an exploration of Information Communication Technology (ICTs) in agricultural development, Pakistan. In Pakistan, agricultural extension is an energetic mechanism for transfer of knowledge and advice as contribution for farming through agricultural extension staff. Presently, the need is to move of focus with latest ICTs services and applications for transfer of technology of knowledge in short, timely and knowledge driven system for rural farmers. Findings were superficial that majority of ICTs user respondents are satisfied with services and applications such as telephone, cell phone, toll free number, robo calls, text message and internet. ICTs services/applications are highly significance for agricultural development. Government should be initiate ICTs services/applications awareness program to use agricultural information by Kiosk to ensure timely availability of agricultural information to farmers and also establish of Information Hub Center (IHC) at tehsil level (sub-division of district) with strategies like Technologies Facilitating Condition (TFC).


ICTs Services/Applications; Agricultural Development; Kiosk; IHC; TFC

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