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Clinical Trial of Treatments for Papillomatous Digital Dermatitis in Dairy Cows

Shu-wei Dong, Dong-sheng Wang, Shi-dong Zhang, Yajuan Li, Bao-qi Yan, Zuo-Ting Yan


Background: Papillomatous digital dermatitis (PDD) is a common hoof disease in dairy cows that decreases their productive performance. Cows suffering from this disease have to be eliminated early causing huge economic losses to dairy farms.

Materials and methods: A PDD outbreak occurred in a dairy cow farm in Gansu province, China. This paper described an outbreak of PDD in dairy cows in Gansu province, China and summarized the etiology, symptoms, and treatment and prevention methods for PDD. The proliferative tissues of PDD were corroded by KMnO4 or removed by surgery for treating the sick cows. Meanwhile the dairy herds were foot bath with 5% copper sulfate solution.

Results: A total of 268 sick cows underwent surgery. All cows in the herd were treated with hoof baths. After 15 days of implementation of the eradication plan, 217 sick cows had essentially been cured, and the other lame cows had significantly improved. The cure rate was 80.1%, and the herd gradually recovered. The average milk yield increased to 26.3 kg/d.

Conclusion: The surgical strategy coupled with herd foot baths could be an effective way to treat PDD. To the authors’ knowledge this is the first report of PDD in imported dairy cows in China. 

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