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Effects of Dreyfus Model Training of Career Guidance on Bakery Skills Acquisition of Apprentices for Employment in Nigeria

Omeje J. C, Kuchi M. A, Adikwu V. O, Chinweuba N. H


Globalization in terms of communication and automation in the labour market has led to unemployment especially of youths who have not acquired any skill. Unemployment is a springboard for poverty and low standard of living in our society. But skills acquisition centers avail apprentices with skills of baking, knitting, shoes making among others for sustainable livelihood. Thus, the aim of this study is to investigate the effect of Dreyfus model training of career guidance on bakery skills acquisition of apprentices for employment in Niger State, Nigeria. The research design of the study was quasi-experiment using the non-equivalent group of pre-test and post-test design comprising the controlled and experimental group that is treated with the Dreyfus Model of Skill acquisition in career guidance of employment. A total of 84 apprentices were sampled and the research instruments was developed by the researchers and validated by experts. The mean and standard deviation was used to answer the research question while the ANOVA was employed to test the hypotheses. Results show among others that there was significant difference between the mean achievement score of apprentices exposed to Dreyfus Model training on skills acquisition in bakery skills and those not exposed to the model for career guidance. The researchers concluded that Dreyfus Model is a feasible approach for enhancing skills acquisition of apprentices in bread bakery. Therefore, stakeholders in education need to make resources available for effective application of the Dreyfus model in workshops, seminars and other educational programmes for the development of education.

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