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The Impact of State Ownership on Occupational Pension Participation and Contribution Rate: Evidence from China

Guo L, Wu S, Su T.


An obvious gap seems to exist between state-owned enterprises and private firms as regard to occupational pension

scheme in China. Using a sample of listed firms in China’s key stock exchanges for the year of 2011, this study examines

the effect of state ownership on firm-level occupational pension participation and contribution rate, aiming to provide

implications to current pension policy. Specifically, we hypothesize and test if central and local government ownership

may exert influences differently on pension participation and contribution rate. The current research shows that (1) State

ownership significantly affected both pension participation and contribution rate; (2) Actual controller being central or local

government only affected participation, but not contribution rate ;and (3) There was no evidence showing ownership

moderated the effects of other factors on participation or contribution rate.

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