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Color Changes of Oral Composite Resins and Decrease in Surface Microhardness Caused by Commercial Alcoholic Drinks

Sukhyun Hwang, Jung-tae Lee, Wanki Kim, Yong-Tae Kim, Shin-Hye Chung, In-Sung Luke Yeo


The aim of the present study was to evaluate whether alcoholic drinks could have marked effects on composite resin material, such as a decrease in surface microhardness and color changes. One hundred samples were compared for changes in microhardness and color using four types of alcoholic beverages: soju, beer, whisky, and red wine; spring water was used as the control. All samples were measured three times: on the first day, after a week, and after 2 weeks. The experimental group showed a significant decrease in microhardness and color changes. Regardless of the type, alcoholic drinks may cause physical changes in composite resins, resulting in color changes and decreased surface microhardness within relatively short periods of clinical service.


Acidity; Alcoholic Drink; Composite Resin; Microhardness; Oxidation; Reduction; Yeast Fermentation

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