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Osteoporosis in Female Children with Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus

Eithar K El-Adham, Farid T.M


The present aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors of osteoporosis in female children with type-1 diabetes. The study included 25 girls with age range 6-18 years and 25 matched controls. Clinical examinations for weight, height, body mass index (BMI) as well as, pubertal staging by 1- Tanner’s classification were all done.  Bone mineral density (BMD) was done using DXA apparatus.  For all cases, serum parathormone (PTH). Calcium and glycosylated Hb were estimated. Osteoporosis was common in girls with type-1 diabetes. These results showed a highly significant difference in (BMD) Z score between cases (-1.41±0.73) and controls (-0.176±0.55). Also, a highly significant difference: in scrum calcium and PTH levels compared to their corresponding levels in the controls. On the other hand, BMD Z-Score was significantly higher in girls with a good diabetic control (0.846±0.35) than those with poor diabetic control (-2.15±0.47). From this study, we can conclude that good diabetic control reduces the incidence of osteoporosis and treatment of calcium deficiency is needed to prevent osteoporosis and to improve bone status and growth.


Parathormone; Calcium; Puberty; Diabetes mellitus

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