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2017: Vol XXV, No. 14

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Social and Political Factors That Have Contributed To the Safeguard of the Alentejano Folk Singing As a Social Cohesion Instrument PDF
Gustau Olcina-Sempere
The Academic Musical Performance And Its Conditioners: How Do The Creativity, Laterality And The Musical Intelligence Affect? PDF
Gustau Olcina-Sempere
Effective Interventions on Infertile Couples' Marital Relationships PDF
Marayam Hajizade Valokolaee, Soghra Khani
Analyzing Affective Factors on Students’ Vitality in High Schools PDF
Hamid Reza Azemati, Somayeh Pourbagher, Mahdi Ghaempanah
A prediction model for fracturing grouting pressure in soil mass PDF
Zhi-bin Wang, Jin-feng Zou
Investigation on the Key Problems of Elder Social Care Service and the Development Direction in China PDF
Lan Ma
Study of Vibration of a Cracked Cantilever Beam PDF
V. Khalkar, S. Ramachandran
A Preliminary Study of the Strawberry Soils Infected By Gray Mold Based On In Situ Electrical Conductivity PDF
Quanzhi Wang, Yuanhua Wang, Ping Yang, Zhiming Yan
Differences between Men and Women in Response to Antiplatelet Drugs in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease on Dual Antiplatelet Therapy PDF
Violeta Irić-Ćupić, Anita Ivošević, Goran Davidović, Ivan Simić, Vladimir Zdravković, Rada Vučić, Vesna Ignjatović, Vladimir Ignjatović
Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow in Two Dimensions by the Finite Volume Method PDF
Abdekader Djerad, Brahim Bouderah, Ibrahim Mabrouki
Job Opportunities and Outcomes Appropriateness to the Needs of Labor Market: An Empirical Study on Student Studying Libraries at Balqa Applied University PDF
Dr. Amal Yassin Majali, Jordan ,
Efficiency Evaluation of Regional Water Development-Utilization-Treatment System: Using a Novel Multi-Stage Circular DEA Approach PDF
Liming Yao, Yue Su, Ying Li
L (3, 2, 1)-Labeling Problems on Permutation Graphs PDF
Sk Amanathulla, Madhumangal Pal
An Empirical Study on the Effects of Environmental Uncertainty on Relational Governance : Comparative Analysis about Non-Competitive Alliances and Competitive Alliances in the Construction Industry PDF
yanling Zhao