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2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 (1,2) – Edge Domination in Cycle and Path Related Graphs Abstract
V. Mohanaselvi, K. Deiwakumari
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 18th Amendment Act and Federalism in Pakistan: Provincial Perspective Abstract
Zahir Shah, Manzoor Ahmad, Naveeda Yousaf
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 A Bootstrap Rolling-Window Analysis of the Causal Relationship between Stock Prices and Copper Futures Prices Abstract
Chen Ming, Ma Yusong, Huang Zheng, Liu Yifang
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 A Cohort Study of Simple Noninvasive Parameters Reflecting Fibrosis and Cirrhosis in Chronic HCV Patients Abstract
Abdur Rahim, Mukhtiar Hassan, Ghosia Luthfullah, Zia Ur Rahman Awan, Hayat Khan
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 A Comparison on Automotive NPD’S Performance Factors between Academia, Developed and Developing Countries (Case Study) Abstract
Mohammad Hassan Shojaeefard, Mansour Hakimollahi
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 12 A Cross-cultural Study of the Construct of Creative Personality in Adolescents Abstract
Xiying Li, Wei Yu, Jiliang Shen, Weiping Hu, David Yun Dai, Heinz Neber, Ikuma Joji, Yinghe Chen
2017: Vol XXV, No. 13 A Hybrid Approach Based on Improved Relevance Vector Regression and Feature Extraction Algorithm for Stock Trend Forecasting Abstract
Shaolong Sun, Han Qiao, Yunjie Wei, Shouyang Wang
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 A New Object Oriented Software Development Genetic Algorithm To Fuzzy Assignment Problem Abstract
K. Hema, S. Muruganandam
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 07 A Novel Approach for Intelligent Chat Express System Abstract
Veeramalai Sankaradass
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 08 A Novel Framework for Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Management and Control in China Abstract
Wei X, Qi Y, Zhang Z.
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 A prediction model for fracturing grouting pressure in soil mass Abstract
Zhi-bin Wang, Jin-feng Zou
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 09 A Preemptive Model to Enhance the Software Design through Use Case Analysis with Slicing Technique Abstract
Lalitha R, Latha B, Sumathi G
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 A Preliminary Study of the Strawberry Soils Infected by Gray Mold Based on in Situ Electrical Conductivity Abstract
Quanzhi Wang, Yangfan Zheng, Lingyi Tang, Yuanhua Wang, Ping Yang, Zhiming Yan
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 09 A Study of Temporary Workers under Labor Demand Uncertainty by Using Compound Options Models Abstract
Chou Y. C, Huang M. G, Yen H. Y, Dang V. T, Lu C. H
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 06 A Study on Agricultural Development in China and its Comparison with India and Pakistan Abstract
Rehman A, Jingdong L, Iqbal M. S, Hussain I
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 A Study on the Effect of Aspect Ratio of Steel Fiber on Torsional Properties of High Strength Self Compacting Concrete Abstract
K J N Sai Nitesh, Dr. S Venkateswara Rao, Dr. P.Rathish Kumar
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 A Voltage Enhancing using Multipole Magnetic Gererator for Low Frequency Vibrational Energy Harvesting Abstract
Arun Bhosale, A. Anderson, Suhas P. Deshmukh, Mahesh Shewale
2017: Vol XXV, No. 13 Accompanied With Carbon Monoxide Intoxication in a Burned Child: Poor Supervision Led To Tragedy Abstract
Chan Nie, Tao Wang, Xueqin Zeng, Xiuquan Shi
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Advancing Academic-Industrial Synergy for Quality Assurance of Entrepreneurship Education of Tvet Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions Abstract
M. U. Agboeze, E. O. Ugwoke
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 Agricultural Credit Distribution by Banks and its Relationship with Agricultural GDP in Pakistan: A Granger Causality Approach Abstract
Chandio A.A, Jiang Y, Magsi H, Rehman A, Koondhar M. A
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 Agricultural Development of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in the Years of Independence (1991-2015-Years) Abstract
Khazar Huseynov
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 12 Air quality analysis and forecast for environment and public health protection: a case study in Beijing, China Abstract
Sheng Chen, Guangyuan Kan, Ke Liang, Mengjie Zhang, Jiren Li, Yang Hong, Wenbin Shi, Xiaona Chen
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Ambience and Customer Loyalty toward a Nostalgic-themed Restaurant Abstract
Chen-Yi Wu
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 12 An analysis of mistakes seen in English scientific paper writing by Chinese biomedical students Abstract
Xiangning Zhang
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 An Analysis of the Rural Financial Exclusion in China:A Supply Perspective Abstract
Xu Guangshun, Jiang Yuansheng, Abbas Ali Chandio
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