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2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 (1,2) – Edge Domination in Cycle and Path Related Graphs Abstract
V. Mohanaselvi, K. Deiwakumari
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 A Comparison on Automotive NPD’S Performance Factors between Academia, Developed and Developing Countries (Case Study) Abstract
Mohammad Hassan Shojaeefard, Mansour Hakimollahi
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 12 A Cross-cultural Study of the Construct of Creative Personality in Adolescents Abstract
Xiying Li, Wei Yu, Jiliang Shen, Weiping Hu, David Yun Dai, Heinz Neber, Ikuma Joji, Yinghe Chen
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 A New Object Oriented Software Development Genetic Algorithm To Fuzzy Assignment Problem Abstract
K. Hema, S. Muruganandam
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 07 A Novel Approach for Intelligent Chat Express System Abstract
Veeramalai Sankaradass
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 08 A Novel Framework for Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Management and Control in China Abstract
Wei X, Qi Y, Zhang Z.
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 09 A Preemptive Model to Enhance the Software Design through Use Case Analysis with Slicing Technique Abstract
Lalitha R, Latha B, Sumathi G
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 09 A Study of Temporary Workers under Labor Demand Uncertainty by Using Compound Options Models Abstract
Chou Y. C, Huang M. G, Yen H. Y, Dang V. T, Lu C. H
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 06 A Study on Agricultural Development in China and its Comparison with India and Pakistan Abstract
Rehman A, Jingdong L, Iqbal M. S, Hussain I
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 A Study on the Effect of Aspect Ratio of Steel Fiber on Torsional Properties of High Strength Self Compacting Concrete Abstract
K J N Sai Nitesh, Dr. S Venkateswara Rao, Dr. P.Rathish Kumar
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 A Voltage Enhancing using Multipole Magnetic Gererator for Low Frequency Vibrational Energy Harvesting Abstract
Arun Bhosale, A. Anderson, Suhas P. Deshmukh, Mahesh Shewale
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Advancing Academic-Industrial Synergy for Quality Assurance of Entrepreneurship Education of Tvet Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions Abstract
M. U. Agboeze, E. O. Ugwoke
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 Agricultural Formal Credit Distribution and Agricultural GDP in Pakistan: A Granger Causality Approach Abstract
Chandio A.A, Jiang Y, Magsi H, Rehman A, Koondhar M. A
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Ambience and Customer Loyalty toward a Nostalgic-themed Restaurant Abstract
Chen-Yi Wu
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 12 An analysis of mistakes seen in English scientific paper writing by Chinese biomedical students Abstract
Xiangning Zhang
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 An Analysis of the Rural Financial Exclusion in China:A Supply Perspective Abstract
Xu Guangshun, Jiang Yuansheng, Abbas Ali Chandio
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 07 An Assessment of Mechanical and Thermal Analysis of Friction Welded AISI304L Stainless Steel Joints Abstract
Umanath K., Palanikumar K.
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 An Assessment of Socio-Economic Conditions of Graziers in Thal Desert Southern Punjab, Pakistan Abstract
A Khan, F Rasool, M Ishaque, M F Azhar, I Qadir, N Nadeem, H Farooq
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 09 An Effect of Different Plate Thickness on the Tensile and Flexural Strength of Epoxy LY556 / E- Glass Fiber / Nano Clay Composite Materials Abstract
Sivasaravanan S, Bupesh Raja V. K, Dineshreddy S, Sathvik V
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 08 An Efficient Greedy Packet Stateless Routing (E-Gpsr) based Route Extension and Load Balancing in Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract
Shanthi V., Dr. Somasundareswari
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 An Efficient Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm for the Closed-Loop Supply Chains Considering Pricing tor Product, and Fleet of Heterogeneous Vehicles Abstract
Mohammad Mohammadnejad, Isa Nakhai Kamal Abadi, Ramin Sadeghian, Fardin Ahmadizar
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 An Enhanced Artificial bee Colony (EABC) Process Model for CRM using Data Mining Techniques in Banking Institutions Abstract
Rekha Arun, Dr. J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 08 An Explorative Correlational Study of Family Background and Students’ Career Decision Making at Higher Secondary Level in Pakistan Abstract
Shah I, Alam A, Khan A. R, Naz A
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 An Integrated AHP and MCGP Approach to Location Selection in Service Industry Abstract
Kao H
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 07 An Integrated Approach for the Detection of Glaucoma in Color Fundus Images by using BAT Algorithm Abstract
Kuppusamy P. G
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