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2018: Vol XXVI, No. 35 Bonds and Stock Markets Uncertainty in the United Arab Emirate Abstract
Shakeel Carrim, Malini Nair
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 24 Boundary Demarcation and Delimitation in Africa: Sources of Economic Underdevelopment, Political Instability and Migration Challenges Abstract
Lere Amusan
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 08 Breeding Activities of Yellow Fever Mosquitoes in Plants in Enugu State, Nigeria Abstract
Agwu E. J, Odo G, Nwadinigwe A, Uwagbae M.
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 29 Brief analysis of the optical behavior of ZnS:Mn nanocrystals Abstract
Ortiz-Hernández A. A, Durán-Muñoz H. A., Hernández-Ortiz M., Berumen-Torre J. A, Méndez-García V. H., Ortega-Sígala J. J., Pérez Arrieta M. L, Guzmán García K.A, Alfaro Cruz M.R, Vega Carrillo H.R, Rivera Montalvo T
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Bubble Test and Equilibrium Relationship between Crude Oil Prices and Petrochemical Stock Prices in China Abstract
Chen Ming, Zhang Fengrong, Yang Xue
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 08 Budget Revenues from Income Taxes in Poland for the Years 2009-2014, Their Tendencies and Effects Abstract
Ślusarczyk N. H. B, Sowa B.
2019: Vol XXVII, No. 40 Building a model for advancing communication between Theatre for Young Audiences artists and spectators in Korea through an intercultural theatre approach Abstract
Joohee Park
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Building Green Hotel, by Employee’s Green Awareness, Knowledge and Skill Abstract
Chih-Hung Chen
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 29 Calculation of point spread function for synthetic ellipse aperture Abstract
Adnan Falh Hassan
2017: Vol XXV, No. 19 Caulleryiosis; an uncommon Protozoan induced diarrhea in a Bull; First Report in Vertebrate host by Caullerya mesnili Abstract
Muhammad Mazhar Ayaz, M. Mudaseer Nazir, Mubashir Aziz, Muhammad Amjad Ali, Muhammad Ali Khosa, Ahsan Sattar Sheikh
2017: Vol XXV, No. 23 CFD Simulation of Small Horizontal Axes Wind Turbine (HAWT) In Urban Area Abstract
Mohamed Hatim Ouahabi, Zakariae Kahot, Farid Benabdelouahab
2019: Vol XXVII, No. 38 Challenges Faced by Teachers of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Primary Mainstream Schools Abstract
Faris Algahtani, Ali Aldakhil
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Challenges Facing Married Female Students in the University: Issues and The Way Forward Abstract
Mbagwu, F. O., Nwobi, A. U ., Ngozi Ugwuoke, Igwe, Ngozi
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 24 Challenges in Abolishing the Honour Killing from Pakistan: an Analysis From Islamic Perspective Abstract
Dr.Muhammad Riaz Mahmood, Dr. Naseem Akhter, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Irfan Ahmad, Dr.Hafiz Abdul Rashid, Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed, Dr. Arshad Munir, Ms. Mehwish Khalid
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 Challenges Inhibiting the Use of the MTN Digital Library in Nigeria: the Users’ Perspective Abstract
Justina Ngozi ekere,, Charles Obiora Omekwu,, Chidinma Nwoha
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 Challenging Gendered Norms: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Written Speech Patterns on Facebook Abstract
Tehseen Zahra, Aneela Zaheer
2017: Vol XXV, No. 16 Changes in rats cardiovascular 99mTC-MIBI build-up after cell phone irradiation Abstract
Majid Jadidi, Mohammad Hadi Esmaili, Peyman Hejazi, Raheb Ghorbani
2017: Vol XXV, No. 13 Changes of retinal vascular diameters after use of topical prostglandin analogues in vivo Abstract
Won Yu Sam, Kim In Tae, Kim Joon Mo
2019: Vol XXVII, No. 36 Characteristics and Abundance Spores of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi on Different Host Plants Abstract
Halim ,, Makmur Jaya Arma, Tresjia Corina Rakian Tresjia Corina Rakian, Fransiscus Suramas Rembon, Resman ,, Waode Siti Anima Hisein, Basruddin ,, Intan Mustikasari Adiwijaya
2016: Vol XXIV, No.10 Characterization of Biochar Produced from Various Crop Residues at Low Pyrolysis Temperature Abstract
Abid Mahmood, Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Javed Akhtar, Ejaz Ahmad Waraich
2019: Vol XXVII, No. 38 Characterization of Cement-Based Mortars Chemically Active (Gyspe And Plaster) By Design of Experiments Methods Abstract
Djelloul Ladjel, Moncef Zairi, Larbi Belagraa, Oussama Kessal, Abdelghani Naceri
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 27 Characterization of Snps in Regulation Factors In Wild Chinese Vitis Species Abstract
Yanli Han, Cen Chen, Jing Li, Yin Xu, Zheng Cao, Jun Jia
2019: Vol XXVII, No. 36 Characterization of solute transport parameters in unsaturated porous media: A Technical Paper Abstract
Sabri Kanzari, Ben Mariem S, Ben Nouna B
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 30 Chemical composition of Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf essential oil and evaluation of its antifungal activities against phytopathogenic fungi Abstract
Machraoui Myriama, Kthiri Zayneb, Hamada Walid
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 26 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Apparent Socio-Cultural Transformations in Hunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan Abstract
Tehzeeb Bano, Umer Khayyam
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