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2017: Vol XXV, No. 16 Cluster Analysis of China’s Light Manufacturing PSS: Sustainable Development via Datum Clustering Abstract
Kevin Michael Fleary, Ye Chunming
Akinnuli Basil Olufemi, Ayodeji Sesan Peter, Michael Kanisuru
2019: Vol XXVII, No. 37 Collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney: Clinicopathological and immunoprofile study of the first reported case in KSA Abstract
Abdulkader M. Albasri, Akbar S. Hussainy, Mohamed A. Elkablawy, Abdelaziz R Aljohani
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 Color Changes of Oral Composite Resins and Decrease in Surface Microhardness Caused by Commercial Alcoholic Drinks Abstract
Sukhyun Hwang, Jung-tae Lee, Wanki Kim, Yong-Tae Kim, Shin-Hye Chung, In-Sung Luke Yeo
2017: Vol XXV, No. 17 Combined application of soil solarisation and disease suppressive compost in the management of onion white rot Abstract
Ndivhuzani Netshithuthuni, Mapotso A. Kena
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 08 Combined Effect of Effective Microorganisms and Seaweed Concentrate Kelpak® on Growth and Yield of Cabbage Abstract
Satekge T. K, Mafeo T. P, Kena M. A
2017: Vol XXV, No. 17 Comparative Analysis of Brown and White Rice Samples for the Presence of Aflatoxin B1 Contamination and effect of environment temperature on aflatoxin concentration during storage Abstract
Naseem Zahra, Nadia Jamil, Sajid Rashid Ahmad, Soniya Munir, Muhammad Khalid Saeed, Imran Kalim
2017: Vol XXV, No. 13 Comparative analysis of mental stress and related risk factors among newly diagnosed Type- 2 Diabetic patients Abstract
Hajra Ahmad, zaheer ahmed, Rezzan Khan, Asma Afreen
2017: Vol XXV, No. 14 Comparative Analysis of Mental Stress and Related Risk Factors among Newly Diagnosed Type- 2 Diabetic Patients Abstract
Hajra Ahmad, Zaheer Ahmed, Rezzan Khan, Asma Afreen
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 11 Comparative Evaluation of Single Super Phosphate and Di-Calcium Phosphate in Cows and Buffaloes for Their Effect on Production and Health Abstract
Usman Tahir, Ghulam Muhamad, Tanveer Ahamad, Zafar Iqbal
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 09 Comparative Study of National Union Catalog of Iran and World Based on Structure, the Types of Resources Covered Abstract
Mousavi Chelak A, Mohammadzadeh Reveshti Z
2017: Vol XXV, No. 17 Comparing the Effects of General Anesthesia and Spinal Anesthesia on the Serum Level of Blood Sugar in Patients Undergoing Caesarean Abstract
Samaneh Kouzegaran, Hoda Sarjughi, Amir Saber Tanha
2017: Vol XXV, No. 17 Comparing the Satisfaction Rate in Patients with Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Surgery in Two Groups of With and Without Patella Resurfacing Abstract
Mehdi Moghtadaei, Babak Otoukesh, Hossein Farahini, Tohid Safaei, Negin Hatami, Bahram Boddouhi, Ali Yeganeh
2017: Vol XXV, No. 13 Comparison between Plate and Cage Construct With Hydroxyapatite and Autogenous Bone in Anterior Cervical Fusion Abstract
Seong-Yup Jeong MD,, Jong-Kil Kim MD,, Ji-Hoon Kang MD,, Kyung-Tae Kim MD, Kyung-Jin Song MD, Kwang-Bok Lee MD
2017: Vol XXV, No. 22 Comparison between Ramosetron and Palonosetron in Patients Receiving Opioid-Based Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia after Thyroidectomy: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis Abstract
Eun Jin Ahn, Geun Joo Choi, Il Jae Yoon, Hyun Kang, Chong Wha Baek, Yong Hun Jung, Young Cheol Woo, Si Ra Bang
2017: Vol XXV, No. 21 Comparison of Czech and Latvian Beaver Population by Microsatellite Analysis and Genetic Differences between Castor Fiber and Castor Canadensis Abstract
Martin Ernst, Lenka Putnová, Radek Štohl, Jarmila Matoušková
2017: Vol XXV, No. 22 Comparison of Different Drug Regimens for Osteoarthritic Treatment in Pakistani Population Abstract
Muhammad Ijaz Ul Haq, Syed Qasim Mazhar, Muhammad Umair Khalid, Mohammad Mohsin Khan, Iqra Khan
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 12 Comparison of Muscle Activities Around the Shoulders of Patients with Frozen Shoulder According to the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Method Abstract
Chang Hwan Bae, Jung-Ho Lee
2017: Vol XXV, No. 15 Comparison of Parenting Efficacy, Antenatal Stress, and Fatigue According To Depression, And Relationship with Depression among Primigravidas Abstract
Soon Jung Yoon, Hee Kyung Kim, Jung Sun Ann
2016: Vol XXIV, No. 12 Comparison of the Balance (dynamic∙ static), Muscular Strength (upper body∙ lower body), Self-esteem and Depression of the Male Elderly depending on using the Bicycle Abstract
Hyang Soo Kim, Hee Kyung Kim, Mi Hyeon Park
2017: Vol XXV, No. 16 Comparison of the Influence of Desflurane and Sevoflurane on Postoperative Nausea, Vomiting, and Pain in Patients Receiving Opioid-Based Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia after Gynecological Surgery: Propensity Score Matching Analysis Abstract
Yeon Sil Lee, Min Kyoung Kim, Geun Joo Choi, Chong Wha Baek, Yong Hun Jung, Hyun Kang
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 24 Comparison of the risk factors for occupational exposure to sharp objects and discharge patients among internal and Surgical Wards Nurses in khoy hospitals Abstract
Soryya Zinalpoor, Shahriar Sakhaei, Hassan Ebrahimpour Sadagheyani, Hossein Motaarefi
2017: Vol XXV, No. 17 Comparison of Topical and Subcutaneous Bupivacaine Infiltration with Subcutaneous Ketamine on Postoperative Pain in Total Abdominal Hysterectomy Abstract
Maryam Maktabi, Alireza Kamali, Hamede Taghavi Jelodar, Maryam Shokrpour
2018: Vol XXVI, No. 34 Compatibility of Steinernema Feltiae with Nemarioc AL Phytonematicide Abstract
Madaure J.T, Mashela P.W, De Waele D
Togu Harlen Lbn Raja
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